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Schedule 2018  Schedule 2018  

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Division: AllPrinter Friendly Schedule
Playoffs, 2018 Last Updated: - September 20, 2018 10:53
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
1A15-Aug6:151 Boodang14 Magnum17
2A15-Aug6:152 Sluggers13 Blaze23
7B15-Aug6:153 Stinky Digits26 Heat27
4B15-Aug6:154 Nightmare35 BSNS17
5A15-Aug6:156 Pure21 Lollygaggers30
6A15-Aug6:157 Snipers10 Outkast11
3B15-Aug6:158 Tazz22 Hello Hitty6
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
57Sunday A19-Aug6:001 Bloopers6 Brew Jays22
58Sunday A19-Aug6:002 Balls & Dolls25 El Fuego18
63Sunday B19-Aug6:003 Ball Crushers27 Cleats & Cleavage7
60Sunday B19-Aug6:004 Slider Inside0 Dragons7
61Sunday A19-Aug6:006 Id Hit That22 Pitches Be Crazy17
62Sunday A19-Aug6:007 Hit & Run4 Dirty Birds19
59Sunday B19-Aug6:008 Where My Pitches25 Shts & Giggles19
64Sunday A19-Aug7:301 Balls & Dolls18 Brew Jays23
65Sunday A19-Aug7:302 El Fuego14 Bloopers15
70Sunday B19-Aug7:303 Cleats & Cleavage7 Slider Inside0
67Sunday B19-Aug7:304 Ball Crushers14 Dragons18
68Sunday A19-Aug7:306 Dirty Birds22 Id Hit That21
69Sunday A19-Aug7:307 Hit & Run12 Pitches Be Crazy11
66Sunday B19-Aug7:308 MDP0 Swingers7
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
29C20-Aug6:151 Hurricanes22 Muff N Men24
30C20-Aug6:152 Diamond Dawgs18 Big Things19
35D20-Aug6:153 Bandits8 Ex Pros17
32D20-Aug6:154 Upper Deckers9 Legend Automotive14
33C20-Aug6:156 Assylum9 Roughnecks12
34C20-Aug6:157 Focus24 Bangers23
31D20-Aug6:158 Truck You20 Jesters7
36C20-Aug7:451 Big Things18 Muff N Men15
37C20-Aug7:452 Diamond Dawgs13 Hurricanes24
42D20-Aug7:453 Bandits7 Upper Deckers17
39D20-Aug7:454 Ex Pros17 Legend Automotive2
40C20-Aug7:456 Focus14 Roughnecks15
41C20-Aug7:457 Bangers13 Assylum10
38D20-Aug7:458 Dirty Birdies16 Down By 211
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
8A22-Aug6:151 Blaze19 Magnum5
9A22-Aug6:152 Sluggers20 Boodang5
14B22-Aug6:153 Stinky Digits26 BSNS28
11B22-Aug6:154 Heat12 Nightmare11
12A22-Aug6:156 Outkast9 Lollygaggers14
13A22-Aug6:157 Snipers17 Pure4
10B22-Aug6:158 Outlaws16 Havoc11
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
71Sunday A26-Aug6:001 Bloopers6 Balls & Dolls7
72Sunday A26-Aug6:002 Hit & Run5 Id Hit That6
73Sunday B26-Aug6:006 Swingers18 Where My Pitches15
74Sunday B26-Aug6:007 MDP17 Shts & Giggles18
75Sunday B26-Aug6:008 Cleats & Cleavage9 Ball Crushers8
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
43C27-Aug6:301 Hurricanes12 Muff N Men14
44C27-Aug6:302 Bangers19 Focus16
45D27-Aug6:306 Dirty Birdies10 Truck You25
46D27-Aug6:307 Down By 210 Jesters9
47D27-Aug6:308 Upper Deckers7 Legend Automotive12
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
18B29-Aug6:301 Havoc20 Hello Hitty15
15A29-Aug6:302 Sluggers1 Magnum0
19B29-Aug6:306 BSNS9 Nightmare7
16A29-Aug6:307 Snipers7 Outkast14
17B29-Aug6:308 Outlaws15 Tazz17
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
20A5-Sep6:301 Sluggers27 Blaze18
21A5-Sep6:302 Outkast27 Lollygaggers21
23B5-Sep6:306 BSNS30 Heat17
22B5-Sep6:307 Havoc13 Outlaws8
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
76Sunday A9-Sep6:001 Balls & Dolls6 Brew Jays25
77Sunday A9-Sep6:002 Id Hit That15 Dirty Birds9
79Sunday B9-Sep6:006 Cleats & Cleavage9 Dragons13
78Sunday B9-Sep6:007 Shts & Giggles20 Where My Pitches10
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
48C10-Sep6:301 Muff N Men23 Big Things6
49C10-Sep6:302 Bangers4 Roughnecks19
51D10-Sep6:306 Legend Automotive11 Ex Pros8
50D10-Sep6:307 Down By 223 Dirty Birdies6
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
24A19-Sep6:301 Sluggers15 Blaze25
25A19-Sep6:302 Outkast11 Lollygaggers16
26B19-Sep6:306 Havoc17 Tazz16
27B19-Sep6:307 BSNS15 Heat14
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
82Sunday B23-Sep6:001 Shts & Giggles- Swingers-
81Sunday A23-Sep6:002 Id Hit That- Dirty Birds-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
52C24-Sep6:301 Muff N Men- Big Things-
54D24-Sep6:302 Down By 2- Truck You-
55D24-Sep6:308 Legend Automotive- Ex Pros-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
28B26-Sep6:301 Havoc- Tazz-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
84Sunday B30-Sep6:001 - -
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
56D1-Oct6:301 - -

Printer Friendly Schedule

Schedule 2018

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