Sherwood Park Mixed Slo-Pitch League

Even though it is shaping up to be a cold night, this is literally our last chance to get the final games in.
So we will be allowing the games to continue. Dress warm and show up for a 6pm game time start. If it
is not playable the umpires will make that call at game time. Sorry it has to be this way but this years
fall weather has been unbelievable.

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Schedule 2018  Schedule 2018  

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Coaches please check your games. If you see a game you've played and the results are not posted, send an email to . Thank you.

Game Schedule Selector:

Division: AllPrinter Friendly Schedule
Playoffs, 2018 Last Updated: - October 01, 2018 21:13
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
1A15-Aug6:151 Boodang14 Magnum17
2A15-Aug6:152 Sluggers13 Blaze23
7B15-Aug6:153 Stinky Digits26 Heat27
4B15-Aug6:154 Nightmare35 BSNS17
5A15-Aug6:156 Pure21 Lollygaggers30
6A15-Aug6:157 Snipers10 Outkast11
3B15-Aug6:158 Tazz22 Hello Hitty6
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
57Sunday A19-Aug6:001 Bloopers6 Brew Jays22
58Sunday A19-Aug6:002 Balls & Dolls25 El Fuego18
63Sunday B19-Aug6:003 Ball Crushers27 Cleats & Cleavage7
60Sunday B19-Aug6:004 Slider Inside0 Dragons7
61Sunday A19-Aug6:006 Id Hit That22 Pitches Be Crazy17
62Sunday A19-Aug6:007 Hit & Run4 Dirty Birds19
59Sunday B19-Aug6:008 Where My Pitches25 Shts & Giggles19
64Sunday A19-Aug7:301 Balls & Dolls18 Brew Jays23
65Sunday A19-Aug7:302 El Fuego14 Bloopers15
70Sunday B19-Aug7:303 Cleats & Cleavage7 Slider Inside0
67Sunday B19-Aug7:304 Ball Crushers14 Dragons18
68Sunday A19-Aug7:306 Dirty Birds22 Id Hit That21
69Sunday A19-Aug7:307 Hit & Run12 Pitches Be Crazy11
66Sunday B19-Aug7:308 MDP0 Swingers7
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
29C20-Aug6:151 Hurricanes22 Muff N Men24
30C20-Aug6:152 Diamond Dawgs18 Big Things19
35D20-Aug6:153 Bandits8 Ex Pros17
32D20-Aug6:154 Upper Deckers9 Legend Automotive14
33C20-Aug6:156 Assylum9 Roughnecks12
34C20-Aug6:157 Focus24 Bangers23
31D20-Aug6:158 Truck You20 Jesters7
36C20-Aug7:451 Big Things18 Muff N Men15
37C20-Aug7:452 Diamond Dawgs13 Hurricanes24
42D20-Aug7:453 Bandits7 Upper Deckers17
39D20-Aug7:454 Ex Pros17 Legend Automotive2
40C20-Aug7:456 Focus14 Roughnecks15
41C20-Aug7:457 Bangers13 Assylum10
38D20-Aug7:458 Dirty Birdies16 Down By 211
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
8A22-Aug6:151 Blaze19 Magnum5
9A22-Aug6:152 Sluggers20 Boodang5
14B22-Aug6:153 Stinky Digits26 BSNS28
11B22-Aug6:154 Heat12 Nightmare11
12A22-Aug6:156 Outkast9 Lollygaggers14
13A22-Aug6:157 Snipers17 Pure4
10B22-Aug6:158 Outlaws16 Havoc11
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
71Sunday A26-Aug6:001 Bloopers6 Balls & Dolls7
72Sunday A26-Aug6:002 Hit & Run5 Id Hit That6
73Sunday B26-Aug6:006 Swingers18 Where My Pitches15
74Sunday B26-Aug6:007 MDP17 Shts & Giggles18
75Sunday B26-Aug6:008 Cleats & Cleavage9 Ball Crushers8
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
43C27-Aug6:301 Hurricanes12 Muff N Men14
44C27-Aug6:302 Bangers19 Focus16
45D27-Aug6:306 Dirty Birdies10 Truck You25
46D27-Aug6:307 Down By 210 Jesters9
47D27-Aug6:308 Upper Deckers7 Legend Automotive12
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
18B29-Aug6:301 Havoc20 Hello Hitty15
15A29-Aug6:302 Sluggers1 Magnum0
19B29-Aug6:306 BSNS9 Nightmare7
16A29-Aug6:307 Snipers7 Outkast14
17B29-Aug6:308 Outlaws15 Tazz17
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
20A5-Sep6:301 Sluggers27 Blaze18
21A5-Sep6:302 Outkast27 Lollygaggers21
23B5-Sep6:306 BSNS30 Heat17
22B5-Sep6:307 Havoc13 Outlaws8
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
76Sunday A9-Sep6:001 Balls & Dolls6 Brew Jays25
77Sunday A9-Sep6:002 Id Hit That15 Dirty Birds9
79Sunday B9-Sep6:006 Cleats & Cleavage9 Dragons13
78Sunday B9-Sep6:007 Shts & Giggles20 Where My Pitches10
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
48C10-Sep6:301 Muff N Men23 Big Things6
49C10-Sep6:302 Bangers4 Roughnecks19
51D10-Sep6:306 Legend Automotive11 Ex Pros8
50D10-Sep6:307 Down By 223 Dirty Birdies6
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
24A19-Sep6:301 Sluggers15 Blaze25
25A19-Sep6:302 Outkast11 Lollygaggers16
26B19-Sep6:306 Havoc17 Tazz16
27B19-Sep6:307 BSNS15 Heat14
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
28B26-Sep6:001 Havoc16 Tazz21
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
82Sunday B30-Sep4:301 Shts & Giggles14 Swingers17
81Sunday A30-Sep6:002 Id Hit That7 Dirty Birds0
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondTeam Team 
52C1-Oct6:001 Muff N Men7 Big Things0
54D1-Oct6:002 Down By 27 Truck You0
55D1-Oct6:008 Legend Automotive6 Ex Pros12

Printer Friendly Schedule

Schedule 2018

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