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Schedule 2018  Schedule 2018  

Coaches please check your games. If you see a game you've played and the results are not posted, send an email to . Thank you.

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Round 2, 2018 Last Updated: - June 19, 2018 22:46
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
183D4-Jun6:151 Down By 225 Truck You11
184D4-Jun6:152 Dirty Birdies19 Ex Pros12
185C4-Jun6:153 Focus21 Bangers20
186C4-Jun6:154 Diamond Dawgs12 Hurricanes21
187D4-Jun6:156 Legend Automotive18 Bandits2
188D4-Jun6:157 Jesters20 Upper Deckers6
189C4-Jun6:158 Assylum4 Big Things24
190D4-Jun7:451 Ex Pros4 Down By 29
191D4-Jun7:452 Truck You7 Dirty Birdies7
192C4-Jun7:453 Hurricanes29 Focus13
193C4-Jun7:454 Bangers7 Diamond Dawgs14
194D4-Jun7:456 Upper Deckers18 Legend Automotive14
195D4-Jun7:457 Bandits11 Jesters26
196C4-Jun7:458 Muff N Men21 Roughnecks1
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
197A6-Jun6:151 Magnum25 Blaze19
198A6-Jun6:152 Lollygaggers9 Sluggers 24
199B6-Jun6:153 Havoc22 Outlaws6
200B6-Jun6:154 Tazz20 BSNS21
201A6-Jun6:156 Outkast7 Pure0
202A6-Jun6:157 Boodang15 Snipers4
203B6-Jun6:158 Stinky Digits9 Hello Hitty11
204A6-Jun7:451 Sluggers 11 Magnum15
205A6-Jun7:452 Blaze24 Lollygaggers26
206B6-Jun7:453 BSNS17 Havoc16
207B6-Jun7:454 Outlaws26 Tazz29
208A6-Jun7:456 Snipers18 Outkast17
209A6-Jun7:457 Pure0 Boodang7
210B6-Jun7:458 Heat24 Nightmare16
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
211Sunday A10-Jun6:001  Brew JaysL Balls & DollsL
212Sunday A10-Jun6:002 BloopersL Pitches Be CrazyL
213Sunday B10-Jun6:003 DragonsL SwingersL
214Sunday B10-Jun6:004 Shts & GigglesL MDPL
215Sunday A10-Jun6:006 Dirty BirdsL Hit & RunL
216Sunday A10-Jun6:007 Id Hit ThatL El FuegoL
217Sunday B10-Jun6:008 Cleats & CleavageL Slider InsideL
218Sunday A10-Jun7:301 Pitches Be CrazyL  Brew JaysL
219Sunday A10-Jun7:302 Balls & DollsL BloopersL
220Sunday B10-Jun7:303 MDPL DragonsL
221Sunday B10-Jun7:304 SwingersL Shts & GigglesL
222Sunday A10-Jun7:306 El FuegoL Dirty BirdsL
223Sunday A10-Jun7:307 Hit & RunL Id Hit ThatL
224Sunday B10-Jun7:308 Where My PitchesL Ball CrushersL
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
225C11-Jun6:151 HurricanesL Muff N MenL
226C11-Jun6:152 BangersL RoughnecksL
227D11-Jun6:153 Ex ProsL Truck YouL
228D11-Jun6:154 BanditsL Upper DeckersL
229C11-Jun6:156 FocusL AssylumL
230C11-Jun6:157 Diamond DawgsL Big ThingsL
231D11-Jun6:158 Down By 2L JestersL
232C11-Jun7:451 RoughnecksL HurricanesL
233C11-Jun7:452 Muff N MenL BangersL
234D11-Jun7:453 Upper DeckersL Ex ProsL
235D11-Jun7:454 Truck YouL BanditsL
236C11-Jun7:456 Big ThingsL FocusL
237C11-Jun7:457 AssylumL Diamond DawgsL
238D11-Jun7:458 Dirty BirdiesL Legend AutomotiveL
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
239B13-Jun6:151 Stinky Digits15 Outlaws20
240B13-Jun6:152 Nightmare19 Tazz10
241A13-Jun6:153 Pure11 Blaze25
242A13-Jun6:154 Sluggers 23 Snipers5
243B13-Jun6:156 Hello Hitty18 Havoc19
244B13-Jun6:157 Heat18 BSNS16
245A13-Jun6:158 Magnum9 Outkast7
246B13-Jun7:451 Tazz19 Stinky Digits23
247B13-Jun7:452 Outlaws29 Nightmare11
248A13-Jun7:453 Snipers18 Pure14
249A13-Jun7:454 Blaze18 Sluggers 18
250B13-Jun7:456 BSNS9 Hello Hitty17
251B13-Jun7:457 Havoc21 Heat6
252A13-Jun7:458 Boodang16 Lollygaggers16
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
253Sunday B17-Jun6:001 Ball Crushers17 Dragons14
254Sunday B17-Jun6:002 Slider Inside11 Swingers26
255Sunday A17-Jun6:003 Balls & Dolls28 Hit & Run7
256Sunday A17-Jun6:004 Pitches Be Crazy23 El Fuego9
257Sunday B17-Jun6:006 Shts & Giggles23 Where My Pitches14
258Sunday B17-Jun6:007 MDP0 Cleats & Cleavage7
259Sunday A17-Jun6:008  Brew Jays25 Bloopers7
260Sunday B17-Jun7:301 Swingers24 Ball Crushers13
261Sunday B17-Jun7:302 Dragons17 Slider Inside5
262Sunday A17-Jun7:303 El Fuego5 Balls & Dolls17
263Sunday A17-Jun7:304 Hit & Run14 Pitches Be Crazy24
264Sunday B17-Jun7:306 Cleats & Cleavage19 Shts & Giggles20
265Sunday B17-Jun7:307 Where My Pitches17 MDP2
266Sunday A17-Jun7:308 Dirty Birds7 Id Hit That13
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
267C18-Jun6:151 Assylum9 Bangers23
268C18-Jun6:152 Big Things16 Hurricanes14
269D18-Jun6:153 Down By 216 Dirty Birdies15
270D18-Jun6:154 Jesters19 Legend Automotive17
271C18-Jun6:156 Muff N Men26 Focus16
272C18-Jun6:157 Roughnecks17 Diamond Dawgs8
273D18-Jun6:158 Ex Pros13 Bandits14
274C18-Jun7:451 Hurricanes24 Assylum12
275C18-Jun7:452 Bangers8 Big Things21
276D18-Jun7:453 Legend Automotive12 Down By 227
277D18-Jun7:454 Dirty Birdies14 Jesters16
278C18-Jun7:456 Diamond Dawgs16 Muff N Men4
279C18-Jun7:457 Focus7 Roughnecks16
280D18-Jun7:458 Truck You- Upper Deckers-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
281B20-Jun6:151 Hello Hitty- Outlaws-
282B20-Jun6:152 Nightmare- BSNS-
283A20-Jun6:153 Outkast- Lollygaggers-
284A20-Jun6:154 Magnum- Boodang-
285B20-Jun6:156 Stinky Digits- Havoc-
286B20-Jun6:157 Heat- Tazz-
287A20-Jun6:158 Snipers- Blaze-
288B20-Jun7:451 Tazz- Hello Hitty-
289B20-Jun7:452 Havoc- Nightmare-
290A20-Jun7:453 Boodang- Outkast-
291A20-Jun7:454 Lollygaggers- Magnum-
292B20-Jun7:456 BSNS- Stinky Digits-
293B20-Jun7:457 Outlaws- Heat-
294A20-Jun7:458 Sluggers - Pure-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
295Sunday B24-Jun6:001 Ball Crushers- Shts & Giggles-
296Sunday B24-Jun6:002 Swingers- Where My Pitches-
297Sunday A24-Jun6:003  Brew Jays- Dirty Birds-
298Sunday A24-Jun6:004 Bloopers- Id Hit That-
299Sunday B24-Jun6:006 Dragons- Cleats & Cleavage-
300Sunday B24-Jun6:007 Slider Inside- MDP-
301Sunday A24-Jun6:008 Hit & Run- El Fuego-
302Sunday B24-Jun7:301 MDP- Ball Crushers-
303Sunday B24-Jun7:302 Cleats & Cleavage- Swingers-
304Sunday A24-Jun7:303 Id Hit That-  Brew Jays-
305Sunday A24-Jun7:304 Dirty Birds- Bloopers-
306Sunday B24-Jun7:306 Where My Pitches- Dragons-
307Sunday B24-Jun7:307 Shts & Giggles- Slider Inside-
308Sunday A24-Jun7:308 Balls & Dolls- Pitches Be Crazy-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
309D25-Jun6:151 Truck You- Legend Automotive-
310D25-Jun6:152 Ex Pros- Jesters-
311C25-Jun6:153 Assylum- Muff N Men-
312C25-Jun6:154 Big Things- Roughnecks-
313D25-Jun6:156 Down By 2- Upper Deckers-
314D25-Jun6:157 Dirty Birdies- Bandits-
315C25-Jun6:158 Focus- Diamond Dawgs-
316D25-Jun7:451 Jesters- Truck You-
317D25-Jun7:452 Legend Automotive- Ex Pros-
318C25-Jun7:453 Roughnecks- Assylum-
319C25-Jun7:454 Muff N Men- Big Things-
320D25-Jun7:456 Bandits- Down By 2-
321D25-Jun7:457 Upper Deckers- Dirty Birdies-
322C25-Jun7:458 Bangers- Hurricanes-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
323A27-Jun6:151 Boodang- Sluggers -
324A27-Jun6:152 Snipers- Lollygaggers-
325B27-Jun6:153 Hello Hitty- Nightmare-
326B27-Jun6:154 Stinky Digits- Heat-
327A27-Jun6:156 Pure- Magnum-
328A27-Jun6:157 Outkast- Blaze-
329B27-Jun6:158 BSNS- Outlaws-
330A27-Jun7:451 Blaze- Boodang-
331A27-Jun7:452 Magnum- Snipers-
332B27-Jun7:453 Heat- Hello Hitty-
333B27-Jun7:454 Nightmare- Stinky Digits-
334A27-Jun7:456 Lollygaggers- Pure-
335A27-Jun7:457 Sluggers - Outkast-
336B27-Jun7:458 Tazz- Havoc-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
337B4-Jul6:151 Havoc- Tazz-
338B4-Jul6:152 Outlaws- BSNS-
339A4-Jul6:153 Outkast- Magnum-
340A4-Jul6:154 Snipers- Sluggers -
341B4-Jul6:156 Heat- Nightmare-
342B4-Jul6:157 Stinky Digits- Hello Hitty-
343A4-Jul6:158 Pure- Blaze-
344B4-Jul7:451 BSNS- Havoc-
345B4-Jul7:452 Tazz- Outlaws-
346A4-Jul7:453 Sluggers - Outkast-
347A4-Jul7:454 Magnum- Snipers-
348B4-Jul7:456 Hello Hitty- Heat-
349B4-Jul7:457 Nightmare- Stinky Digits-
350A4-Jul7:458 Boodang- Lollygaggers-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
351Sunday A8-Jul6:001  Brew Jays- Balls & Dolls-
352Sunday A8-Jul6:002 Pitches Be Crazy- Bloopers-
353Sunday B8-Jul6:003 Where My Pitches- Dragons-
354Sunday B8-Jul6:004 Cleats & Cleavage- Swingers-
355Sunday A8-Jul6:006 Dirty Birds- Hit & Run-
356Sunday A8-Jul6:007 El Fuego- Id Hit That-
357Sunday B8-Jul6:008 Ball Crushers- Shts & Giggles-
358Sunday A8-Jul7:301 Bloopers-  Brew Jays-
359Sunday A8-Jul7:302 Balls & Dolls- Pitches Be Crazy-
360Sunday B8-Jul7:303 Swingers- Where My Pitches-
361Sunday B8-Jul7:304 Dragons- Cleats & Cleavage-
362Sunday A8-Jul7:306 Id Hit That- Dirty Birds-
363Sunday A8-Jul7:307 Hit & Run- El Fuego-
364Sunday B8-Jul7:308 Slider Inside- MDP-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
365C9-Jul6:151 Assylum- Muff N Men-
366C9-Jul6:152 Roughnecks- Big Things-
367D9-Jul6:153 Legend Automotive- Down By 2-
368D9-Jul6:154 Upper Deckers- Ex Pros-
369C9-Jul6:156 Focus- Diamond Dawgs-
370C9-Jul6:157 Bangers- Hurricanes-
371D9-Jul6:158 Jesters- Dirty Birdies-
372C9-Jul7:451 Big Things- Assylum-
373C9-Jul7:452 Muff N Men- Roughnecks-
374D9-Jul7:453 Ex Pros- Legend Automotive-
375D9-Jul7:454 Down By 2- Upper Deckers-
376C9-Jul7:456 Hurricanes- Focus-
377C9-Jul7:457 Diamond Dawgs- Bangers-
378D9-Jul7:458 Bandits- Truck You-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
379A11-Jul6:151 Magnum- Blaze-
380A11-Jul6:152 Sluggers - Lollygaggers-
381B11-Jul6:153 Heat- Havoc-
382B11-Jul6:154 Stinky Digits- Outlaws-
383A11-Jul6:156 Outkast- Pure-
384A11-Jul6:157 Snipers- Boodang-
385B11-Jul6:158 Nightmare- Tazz-
386A11-Jul7:451 Lollygaggers- Magnum-
387A11-Jul7:452 Blaze- Sluggers -
388B11-Jul7:453 Outlaws- Heat-
389B11-Jul7:454 Havoc- Stinky Digits-
390A11-Jul7:456 Boodang- Outkast-
391A11-Jul7:457 Pure- Snipers-
392B11-Jul7:458 Hello Hitty- BSNS-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
393Sunday B15-Jul6:001 Dragons- Shts & Giggles-
394Sunday B15-Jul6:002 Swingers- MDP-
395Sunday A15-Jul6:003 Dirty Birds-  Brew Jays-
396Sunday A15-Jul6:004 El Fuego- Pitches Be Crazy-
397Sunday B15-Jul6:006 Where My Pitches- Ball Crushers-
398Sunday B15-Jul6:007 Cleats & Cleavage- Slider Inside-
399Sunday A15-Jul6:008 Hit & Run- Balls & Dolls-
400Sunday B15-Jul7:301 MDP- Dragons-
401Sunday B15-Jul7:302 Shts & Giggles- Swingers-
402Sunday A15-Jul7:303 Pitches Be Crazy- Dirty Birds-
403Sunday A15-Jul7:304  Brew Jays- El Fuego-
404Sunday B15-Jul7:306 Slider Inside- Where My Pitches-
405Sunday B15-Jul7:307 Ball Crushers- Cleats & Cleavage-
406Sunday A15-Jul7:308 Id Hit That- Bloopers-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
407D16-Jul6:151 Down By 2- Dirty Birdies-
408D16-Jul6:152 Ex Pros- Truck You-
409C16-Jul6:153 Focus- Assylum-
410C16-Jul6:154 Bangers- Roughnecks-
411D16-Jul6:156 Legend Automotive- Jesters-
412D16-Jul6:157 Upper Deckers- Bandits-
413C16-Jul6:158 Diamond Dawgs- Muff N Men-
414D16-Jul7:451 Truck You- Down By 2-
415D16-Jul7:452 Dirty Birdies- Ex Pros-
416C16-Jul7:453 Roughnecks- Focus-
417C16-Jul7:454 Assylum- Bangers-
418D16-Jul7:456 Bandits- Legend Automotive-
419D16-Jul7:457 Jesters- Upper Deckers-
420C16-Jul7:458 Hurricanes- Big Things-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
421B18-Jul6:151 Nightmare- Havoc-
422B18-Jul6:152 Hello Hitty- Outlaws-
423A18-Jul6:153 Blaze- Lollygaggers-
424A18-Jul6:154 Pure- Boodang-
425B18-Jul6:156 Tazz- Heat-
426B18-Jul6:157 BSNS- Stinky Digits-
427A18-Jul6:158 Sluggers - Magnum-
428B18-Jul7:451 Outlaws- Nightmare-
429B18-Jul7:452 Havoc- Hello Hitty-
430A18-Jul7:453 Boodang- Blaze-
431A18-Jul7:454 Lollygaggers- Pure-
432B18-Jul7:456 Stinky Digits- Tazz-
433B18-Jul7:457 Heat- BSNS-
434A18-Jul7:458 Snipers- Outkast-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
435Sunday B22-Jul6:001 Ball Crushers- Dragons-
436Sunday B22-Jul6:002 Slider Inside- Swingers-
437Sunday A22-Jul6:003 Balls & Dolls- Bloopers-
438Sunday A22-Jul6:004 Hit & Run- Id Hit That-
439Sunday B22-Jul6:006 Shts & Giggles- Where My Pitches-
440Sunday B22-Jul6:007 MDP- Cleats & Cleavage-
441Sunday A22-Jul6:008 Pitches Be Crazy-  Brew Jays-
442Sunday B22-Jul7:301 Swingers- Ball Crushers-
443Sunday B22-Jul7:302 Dragons- Slider Inside-
444Sunday A22-Jul7:303 Id Hit That- Balls & Dolls-
445Sunday A22-Jul7:304 Bloopers- Hit & Run-
446Sunday B22-Jul7:306 Cleats & Cleavage- Shts & Giggles-
447Sunday B22-Jul7:307 Where My Pitches- MDP-
448Sunday A22-Jul7:308 El Fuego- Dirty Birds-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
449D23-Jul6:151 Jesters- Down By 2-
450D23-Jul6:152 Bandits- Ex Pros-
451C23-Jul6:153 Muff N Men- Big Things-
452C23-Jul6:154 Diamond Dawgs- Hurricanes-
453D23-Jul6:156 Dirty Birdies- Legend Automotive-
454D23-Jul6:157 Truck You- Upper Deckers-
455C23-Jul6:158 Bangers- Focus-
456D23-Jul7:451 Ex Pros- Jesters-
457D23-Jul7:452 Down By 2- Bandits-
458C23-Jul7:453 Hurricanes- Muff N Men-
459C23-Jul7:454 Big Things- Diamond Dawgs-
460D23-Jul7:456 Upper Deckers- Dirty Birdies-
461D23-Jul7:457 Legend Automotive- Truck You-
462C23-Jul7:458 Roughnecks- Assylum-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
463A25-Jul6:151 Blaze- Outkast-
464A25-Jul6:152 Lollygaggers- Snipers-
465B25-Jul6:153 Tazz- BSNS-
466B25-Jul6:154 Nightmare- Hello Hitty-
467A25-Jul6:156 Pure- Magnum-
468A25-Jul6:157 Boodang- Sluggers -
469B25-Jul6:158 Outlaws- Havoc-
470A25-Jul7:451 Snipers- Blaze-
471A25-Jul7:452 Outkast- Lollygaggers-
472B25-Jul7:453 Hello Hitty- Tazz-
473B25-Jul7:454 BSNS- Nightmare-
474A25-Jul7:456 Sluggers - Pure-
475A25-Jul7:457 Magnum- Boodang-
476B25-Jul7:458 Stinky Digits- Heat-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
477Sunday A29-Jul6:001 Balls & Dolls- Dirty Birds-
478Sunday A29-Jul6:002 Bloopers- El Fuego-
479Sunday B29-Jul6:003 Shts & Giggles- MDP-
480Sunday B29-Jul6:004 Ball Crushers- Slider Inside-
481Sunday A29-Jul6:006 Hit & Run-  Brew Jays-
482Sunday A29-Jul6:007 Id Hit That- Pitches Be Crazy-
483Sunday B29-Jul6:008 Swingers- Dragons-
484Sunday A29-Jul7:301 El Fuego- Balls & Dolls-
485Sunday A29-Jul7:302 Dirty Birds- Bloopers-
486Sunday B29-Jul7:303 Slider Inside- Shts & Giggles-
487Sunday B29-Jul7:304 MDP- Ball Crushers-
488Sunday A29-Jul7:306 Pitches Be Crazy- Hit & Run-
489Sunday A29-Jul7:307  Brew Jays- Id Hit That-
490Sunday B29-Jul7:308 Cleats & Cleavage- Where My Pitches-
Game #DivisionDateTimeDiamondVisitor Home 
491C30-Jul6:151 Muff N Men- Focus-
492C30-Jul6:152 Big Things- Bangers-
493D30-Jul6:153 Dirty Birdies- Truck You-
494D30-Jul6:154 Jesters- Bandits-
495C30-Jul6:156 Diamond Dawgs- Assylum-
496C30-Jul6:157 Hurricanes- Roughnecks-
497D30-Jul6:158 Ex Pros- Down By 2-
498C30-Jul7:451 Bangers- Muff N Men-
499C30-Jul7:452 Focus- Big Things-
500D30-Jul7:453 Bandits- Dirty Birdies-
501D30-Jul7:454 Truck You- Jesters-
502C30-Jul7:456 Roughnecks- Diamond Dawgs-
503C30-Jul7:457 Assylum- Hurricanes-
504D30-Jul7:458 Upper Deckers- Legend Automotive-

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